Egopo's The seagull wins outstanding overall production of a play &


Additional noms include outstanding ENSEMBLE, Director, AND LIGHTING DESIGN

Photo by Dave Sarrafian 

Nina performing Konstantin's play. Photo by Dave Sarrafian. 

Photo by Dave Sarrafian 

august 2016

Emma Goidel's a knee that can bend receives 7 barrymore nominations

including outstanding ensemble in a play

Congrats to Orbiter 3!



The seagull, Egopo classic theatre (2017)

I was enchanted before a word was spoken.....a pleasure to the eye as well as the ear, finding the lovely link between tragedy and comedy that is the Chekhov signature....Facing the enormous difficulty of delivering Chekhov’s long monologues - whining at great length, pontificating at greater length - this ensemble does itself proud...we scoff at these characters at our peril... Anna Zaida Szapiro is lovely as Nina, moving from a young, impressionable girl who wants to be “spectacularly famous” to, several years later, a disappointed, self-deluded woman." -Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A stellar production... Szapiro gives a defining performance in the demanding volcanic tragedy of Nina." -Lew J. Whittington, Huffington Post

"Szapiro's Nina is the production's most successful interpretation, which in this lovely production says a lot. She's often played as a self-torturing idealistic dreamer, but Szapiro reveals the desperate child within, offering herself to Trigorin while asking, "What does fame really feel like?" That he hates his fame as a writer of popular stories doesn't register with her, she's so starstruck. Her story -- especially the outcome of her affair with Trigorin -- feels contemporary, in the best way." -Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

"A sensational performance by Anna Zaida Szapiro as Nina—less ethereal than the usual take, and all the more heartbreaking for her real-girl-ness." -David Fox, Philadelphia Magazine

"Anna Zaida Szapiro absolutely shines as Nina....Elegiac and humorous, this is the wettest, yet very likely the most accessible SEAGULL I’ve seen. EgoPo nails it, and beautifully." -Kathryn Osenlund, Phindie

"In short, the magic of EgoPo’s staging of “Seagull” is that all of the parts move in beautiful isolation. Each cast member manages to deliver a convincing individual that only makes sense in relation to the others. The dialogue and emotions of the cast move with the stage in a totally immersive experience....This gift to Philadelphia theater is highly recommended." -Katarzyna and Cain Elliott-Maksymowicz, PA Theatre Guide

"Szapiro’s Nina, wearing mostly white during the early scenes, provides an ethereal contrast to the gloomy Masha. And Szapiro gives a lucid, raw performance of the play-within-a-play in act one. Her collapse into despair later in the play is haunting and heartbreaking." -Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theater Arts



Diskit and the band in Local Girls, by Mike Jackson of for Broad Street Review

"Anna Zaida Szapiro, who was so great in Goidel's drama A Knee That Can Bend last fall, plays Diskit, a lonely teenager in tiny Tucker, Georgia. Though she's seen by others as nerdy (she loves chemistry!), we spy her first in her bedroom pretending to be Joan of Arc, fighting a pantomimed melodramatic battle, until her sad-sack single dad (Sam Henderson) enters and she stops, mortified. It's a great scene that establishes the passion she hides, and their hilariously real father-daughter awkwardness....Most winning is the chemistry among the actors. Their unrestrained, committed, genuine performances of Goidel's snark make Local Girls a delightfully daffy romp that leaves a lingering happy glow." -Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

" terrific.The best moments in Local Girls are the simplest ones, especially the awkward conversations between Diskit and Francis, her dad." -David Fox, Philadelphia Magazine

"Mostly it's the story of Diskit (Anna Zaida Szapiro) and Riley (Mary Tuomanen), who absolutely carry the dynamism of the of the smartest things happening in Philadelphia right now. Punk AF, one might say..." -Bill Chenevert, The Philadelphia Inquirer


A Knee that can bend, Orbiter 3 (2015)

"Most moving are Szapiro and Kidwell’s sincere performances, which provide full access to these complicated characters and their difficult relationship....Szapiro graced Azuka’s Tigers Be Still and the Fringe smash 901 Nowhere Street with a similar instinct for wry humor and a shy charm that’s impossible not to like. Together, they’re a couple fit for the incisive intimacy of Goidel’s script, in a production that’s simply lovely. I can’t wait to see Goidel’s Local Girls, which Azuka will premiere in February, starring Szapiro."  -Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

"Szapiro's performance blends both innocence and arrogance; you'd root for her if you didn't want to reply 'seriously?' if not outright resent her self-centeredness."  -Jim Rutter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"[D]eeply moving, emotionally gripping, and beautifully performed....[an] absolutely stellar ensemble cast...a must-see."  -Bryan Buttler, Philadelphia Magazine


901 nowhere street, sam tower + Ensemble / Philadelphia Fringe Festival (2015)

"901 Nowhere street clearly introduces not just a stylish new play, but an adventurous new company."  -Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

"The intrepid ensemble's stylized, truncated dance movement, at times synchronized, is obviously a result of attentive experimentation....Staged by a strong and brilliant all-woman cast, supported by the artistry of talented designers, this new theatre company has made one heck of an entrance."  -Kathryn Osenlund, CurtainUp

A highlight in Thinking Dance's New Maps from the Fringe Festival by Ellen Chenoweth


Rage of Achilles, Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company (2015)

"Moments of tenderness shine through, in Altman's performance and the softness of Anna Zaida Szapiro."  -Jim Rutter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Damon Bonetti's smart production perfectly balances moments of humor and humanity with the war's epic bloodiness."  -Mark Cofta, City Paper


Death of a Salesman, EgoPo Classic Theatre (2014)

"Double casting smaller roles energizes key scenes with instant transformations that mirror Willy's encroaching madness, making Russ Widdall and Anna Zaida Szapiro's fine performances particularly special."  -Mark Cofta, City Paper

"EgoPo's uniformly fine ensemble cast and Savadove's approach to the material is like experiencing the play anew."  -Lewis Whittington, EDGE


Tigers Be Still, Azuka Theatre (2014) 

A "funny, beautifully acted, and thoroughly delightful production...Szapiro energizes the production with naiveté, humor, and a perfect sense of quirky timing. Her performance is a sheer joy to watch and made me wish someone that genuine and ebullient existed in real life."  -Jim Rutter, The Philadelphia Inquirer


From the Swamp to the Stars, No Face Performance Group (2013)

"...the real stakes are embodied in Mark McCloughan's Caroline and Anna Szapiro's Red, one a washed-up chanteuse and the other [Szapiro] a true believer so convincing she nearly turns Reagan's farewell address into catharsis." -Dotun Akintoye, City Paper